What is marine collagen?

26 MARCH, 2021

With collagen trending as the latest addition to everyone’s beauty regime, we thought we’d help you understand exactly what it is, where it comes from and how it can benefit you!

What Is Collagen and Why It Is Good For You

Collagen itself is the most abundant protein within the animal kingdom. In humans and animals, collagen makes up most of the structure of our connective tissue and bones, including our:

  • skin
  • cartilage
  • teeth
  • tendons and
  • ligaments
What Is So Good About Our Marine Collagen?

Did you know that our body’s ability to produce collagen starts to diminish from as young as 20 years old?

Specific cells called fibroblasts create the collagen we need for our connective tissue health and strength, however this process diminishes with factors like ageing, excessive sun exposure, cigarette smoking and certain nutritional deficiencies.

Marine collagen refers to collagen that is derived from fish, specifically from bones and skin of fish. We only use a high quality marine collagen extract at ANC to support your body’s connective tissue health and structure.

We choose marine collagen over other types as it is naturally rich in type I collagen, which is the most abundant type of collagen found in our skin.